Clean your database - use our portal to validate and TPS your landline and mobile numbers to increase your contact rate by up to 40%

Advanced HLR look-up
(UK and international mobile numbers only)

  • Check if a mobile number is active and switched ON
  • Identify fake, inaccurate and dead mobile numbers
  • Identify the home network of a mobile number
  • Save time and money whilst improving call centre efficiency
  • API for real-time web form validation / bulk upload / fully managed in-house service

Landline Cleansing
(UK landlines only)

  • Identify if a landline is connected and contactable
  • Remove landlines that do not accept incoming calls
  • Remove all dead numbers before calling
  • Improve contact rate and increase conversions
  • API for real-time web form validation/bulk upload/fully managed in-house service

TPS with free DNC check
(UK landline and mobile numbers)

  • Identify which numbers are registered with the consumer and corporate TPS
  • Screen your list against our industry wide DNC list of over 1.8m numbers and reduce caller complaints
  • Reduce your risks – comply with ICO regulations and avoid fines whilst protecting your brand
  • Get the TPS registration date – useful for establishing validity of opt ins
  • API for real-time web form validation / bulk upload / fully managed in-house service

E-mail Validation
(any email)

  • Identify if an email address is correctly formatted and valid
  • Ensure that you are only sending to deliverable email addresses and significantly reduce your risk of getting blocked
  • Only collect contactable email addresses via your website via our API
  • Learn whether the email address is ‘free’ such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail
  • Find ‘disposable’ email addresses that will soon expire or have already expired
  • Identify email addresses that accepts all emails sent to it

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